Hand Spliced Cargo Nets

Grid Size

Now that you have decided on the type of rope you want it is time to decide what size square grid you need. Our squares are measured from center of the verticle ropes to the center of the horizontal ropes. Our cargo nets have one size rope used for the mesh ropes and a larger size rope used for the border or frame rope. We also put tubular webbing on each corner to help prevent chafing. We offer our nets with 4", 8", 9", 10" and 12" square grid patterns. The smaller the squares the smaller the rope we use to construct them. As you may have noticed we do not offer 6" squares because of head entrapment issues. Our Cargo Nets are sold by the square foot. You will need to calculate the total square footage by measuring the length X the width. Multiply that number by the cost per square foot the figure your cost. The math works the same if it is a square or a rectangle.

You must submit a Contact Form with each Cargo Net Order to specify the size of the cargo net you require.


Area = w × h
w = width
h = height


Calculate a 12' X 12' Cargo Net with 12" squares at $5.55 per square foot as follows:

12' X 12' = 144 square foot X $5.55 = $799.20 which qualifies for Free Shipping

Here is a 6' X 8' Poly Dacron Rope Cargo Net. Hand-spliced, triple knot with tubular webbing on each corner. Made with 3/4" mesh ropes and 1" border rope.

As you can see, our Cargo Nets are hand-spliced with a 3-tuck splice that will not pull out. Each rope tip is spliced with a tape color that corresponds with the rope color used to make the net.

The Nylon Tubular Webbing we use on the corners help prevent rope chaffing since the corners usually take most of the abuse.

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