Tube Nets

 A Tube Net is a tube made of rope; like the name implies. We can construct your Tube Net with Poly Dacron Rope, Black Nylon Rope or Manila Rope. We build our Tube Nets with a 3' diameter, which is approximately a 9' circumference, and either a 9" or 12" square grid pattern. The mesh ropes are one size rope and the two ends are a slightly larger size rope. The cylindrical ropes are joint spliced down one side looking as if the net has a seam. We offer our Tube Nets by the square foot. To calculate how many square foot you want multiply the length of your tube net by 9' = square feet then multiply the square feet by the price per square foot. If you require a tube net with a different size diameter please submit a contact form and we will assist you.


 Example: A 20' long Tube Net X 9' circumference = 180 square feet.                              

180 square feet X $5.75 (Poly Dacron Rope Tube Net w/12" square grid)= $1,035.00

If you need assistance calculating the square footage of your Tube Net submit a Contact Form and we will be happy to assist you.

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