Rope Ladders

As you may or may not know there are several different types of Rope Ladders.     Nets R Us specializes in a few of them. We offer our version of a typical Rope Ladder, a Firecracker Ladder and a Fidget Ladder. We offer these constructed of combo rope, black nylon rope or manila rope with 1-1/4" X 12" poplar wood rungs that are lashed into place with waxed or tarred cord. We offer 12" and 18" rung spacing and five styles to choose from. Depending on which style you choose there are either one or two steel thimbles spliced at the top and/or bottom of your ladder for installation.

*When placing an order for a rope ladder please specify the length to the nearest foot in the quantity box of the shopping cart.

Style C Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder Styles

This is the way we install a Metal Thimble in a Style C Rope Ladder.

This is the joint splice that we use at the bottom of a Style A and Style C Rope Ladder.

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Don't Forget The Hardware

Check out our hardware section for some rigging hardware that may help with  your installation. 

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