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A climbing rope and swing rope are pretty much one and the same. At this point we are only manufacturing our ropes from Poly Dacron Rope. This rope is strong, durable and UV resistant. There are 4 rope diameters to choose from. Each rope has a steel thimble and a 1/2" pear shaped sling link at the top; and heat shrink tubing at the bottom to prevent unraveling. Having the pear link at the top makes it simple for you to hang your rope using a rapid link from our hardware section. We offer 4 popular length ropes to fit your needs. If you would like knots in your rope, simply purchase a rope longer than you need, and tie the knots yourself. If you would rather we tie the knots for you submit a contact form and we would be happy to accommodate you. Just remember to order a rope long enough to allow for the knots you need.

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