Fidget Ladders

Fidget Ladders are often used on ropes courses as a group activity. The Fidget is installed with one end not far off the ground and the other end attached to a tree or pole 6' or so from the ground. As a participant makes their way up the Fidget a group of people must spot the climber in case they fall. Our Fidget Ladders are constructed of Poly Dacron, black nylon or manila rope. We use 1-1/4" poplar wood dowels, lashed in place with waxed or tarred cord, spaced 18" apart. The rungs start at 12" long and increase in 4" increments with the center rung spanning 32". Then the rungs decrease in length ending with a 12" rung; like an hourglass shape. We put a steel thimble at each end for easier installation. We offer our Fidget Ladders in 3 popular lengths, 12', 15' and 18' long. We will gladly quote you a price on a custom Fidget Ladder if you would kindly fill out a contact from.

Fidget Ladder
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