Rope By The Foot

We have Rope by the Foot. All 3 types of rope that we use in manufacturing our products you can purchase right here. 


Poly Dacron Rope: also known as poly dacron rope, consist of polypropylene strands covered by polyester fibers which aid in defense of UV rays. Very durable low stretch and affordable makes this our best selling rope. Also Poly Dacron rope is easy on the hands. 

Size:   Tensile Strength:

1/2"        4,620 lbs.

5/8"        7,040 lbs.

3/4"        9,450 lbs.

1"         15,800 lbs.

1-1/2"   35,700 lbs.

2"         63,000 lbs.

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Black Nylon Rope: has superior strength, durability, UV and chemical resistant. Nylon does have more stretch than combo rope and is also easy on the hands.

Size:  Tensile Strength:

1/2"      7,500 lbs.

5/8"    11,650 lbs.

3/4"    17,150 lbs.

1"       27,700 lbs.

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Manila Rope:  is very durable and flexible. It is resistant to salt water damage but shrinks when it becomes wet. Manila is very rough on the hands.

Size:   Tensile Strength:

1/2"       2,385 lbs.

5/8"       3,960 lbs.

3/4"       4,860 lbs.

1"          8,100 lbs.

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